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UNC - Chapel Hill ABSN 2021

Hello all!

I noticed applications opened the 1st and wanted to start a topic for anyone interested. I'm excited to apply. Finishing up statistics and psychology this Summer and will be done just in time to apply. I took stats my first time in college but did a transcript review and was told its too old. Where are y'all at in the application process?

Hi! I'm also applying to UNC's ABSN program. I can't believe the application is due in less than 2 weeks! I'm completing my last prereq now (psych) which finishes at the end of August. I started the CAS application, which is a slog. I'm having some issues with getting official transcripts from my previous schools; one is facing a HUGE backlog and the other isn't sending out paper copies but CAS isn't accepting their official electronic copy. Some advice: if you haven't requested your transcripts already, DO IT NOW! I didn't anticipate these issues (have had no problems in the past with these institutions) so I'm happy I started the process early. I've been mulling over the essay prompts for about a week now and need to sit down and actually get something down on paper. I live in Chapel Hill now, so going to UNC would be sooooo convenient. Good luck!!

Hey everyone!

I just submitted my application via nursingcas. I'm honestly so nervous because my undergrad GPA isn't so well but I do have some patient care experience so I hope they take that into consideration. Good luck to everyone applying or plan to!

Hello All,

I am stopping in to wish everyone the best of luck in acceptance. I am nervous, but incredibly hopeful that I will be accepted into the program.


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