UMB School of Nursing Fall 2015


Hi everyone!!!

Hopefully some people are in the same boat as me out there! I'm applying to University of Maryland School of Nursing, Baltimore for Fall 2015. I currently go to university of maryland college park. I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of GPA range (science and overall) umb accepts? I have a 3.0 science and around a 3.5 overall and i would like to know where i stand with other applicants. I have don't a lot of work in health, nursing intership/volunteering in hospitals. Could anyone tell me from experience or know of people who were excepted and what you/their GPA (science and overall) and TEAS scores were?

any other information about the application process would be very helpful!

Thanks!!!! :)


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A little delayed in this chat but I am applying to UMD, George Washington, , and Towson for Fall of 2015. All of my apps are in and I'm just waiting on my last professors letter of recommendation. I am a second degree student (already have a BA in Human Biology) and have been working full time for the last three years in NoVA.

I always knew I wanted to do something in healthcare, but I tossed around the ideas of physical therapy, PA, and Nursing. Nursing was the winner! I loved some of the volunteer work I sid, and have met so many incredible people recently who are nurses themselves! I am so so excited for decisions to come out in March ( and so so nervous!)

My stats are 3.5 GPA overall, 3.6 prerequisite GPA, and 91.3% on the TEAS V. I think Maryland asked for a minimum 3.0 science and overall GPA with TEAS V scores above 70%.