UMass Boston Traditional Nursing Program

by nhipham nhipham (New) New Student

Hi everyone,

I just completed my prerequisites and will be applying to nursing school sometime this month. UMass Boston waived their TEA's score for the upcoming Spring 2021 program due to COVID-19 and I'm quite scared that I no longer have the score to boost my chances of getting in. My overall GPA is currently at a 3.36 at one institution and 4.0 at another (I only took one class there, that is worth about 4 credits). Science GPA has been majority A's with one B in A&P 2. (Bio, AP1, Microbiology, and Chem have been all A's) Psychology was also an A.

- Does UMass Boston look at overall GPA and Science GPA separately?

It looks like I'd have to heavily depend on my essay and GPA to get in as the TEAS wouldn't be a leverage for my application. I'm just really worried and overall anxious. I was wondering if anyone else has applied and had any tips for me. My confidence on getting into this program is quite low as I've read other threads with higher GPA's than mine including 80+ TEAS Scores. I'm just not sure how the application criteria will work now that the TEAS is no longer required for UMass Boston.

If you got into UMass Boston and don't mind commenting what your stats were + what helped you get in it would be much appreciated.

Thank you for reading!