UM Accelerated nursing Program


Hey Everyone!

I'm applying to the accelerated program at UM this December and I was wondering if anyone that

has either been accepted or just has some inside information, knows what the overall GPA and Pre-requisite GPA

that the admission committee is looking for. I graduated FIU with a 3.42 GPA but my Pre-req GPA isn't to great, It's a 3.2. I didn't do so well while at Miami-Dade College but I really excelled at FIU and I'm hoping they can see the progression and improvement of my grades. I've heard of people getting into the program with these type of numbers, I'm just hoping I can be one of them lol.

I really just want to close my eyes and fast forward to December so I can apply already but in the mean time if

anyone can share their personal experience in dealing with the UM admission process, that would be much appreciated :)


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I just today started thinking of applying to their ABSN program as well, though I have to check to see if my prereqs would be transferable (in terms of how long ago I took some of them). I hear varied accounts of the GPAs that applicants present to UM, but the 3.4 number keeps coming up as the average for cum GPA. I would think the prereq GPA is around that or higher, but just because your prereq GPA is lower don't let that discourage you!