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For my professional growth course in nursing school I have a presentation, I have to explain the scope of practice of an ultrasound technician, fine. But than i have to relate that to Nurses. How does an ultrasound technician affect a Nurses job? :confused:

"Scope of practice- put MOST of your focus on this as you need to know whom you are working with or what services your clients are utilizing and how they affect you, your practice and your clients"

Theres not one thing I can think of that an ultrasound tech's job would intervene with an Nurses..... :banghead:anyone whom has had experience please give me some insite, heck anyone who has any throughts on this, just anything would help right about now.. thankyout. :redpinkhe


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Anyone? =(

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rethink this in different way: compare and contrast both careers, how both colaborate for patients ...may be do as outline.

job description

practice settings

scope of practice

impact re patient care




safety concerns

any patient preparations required for testing that if not followed impact ultrrasound techs ability to perform testing resulting in delay of patient care...

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good luck with your report.


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I can see how an ultrasound tech would relate with a nurse midwife. The nurse midwife reviews the ultrasound report and presents it to the pt. But as for a RN I am not sure their relationship with the tech. The nurse may be the person between the tech and the physician...thats a weird question you have!

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I am not really sure what the context of the question is, so I’ll just throw some ideas out there.

  1. The scopes of practice for both disciplines converge at the point where they are both allowed to put an instrument, hand or finger beyond the labia majora. Other healthcare professionals such as physios, OTs are not allowed to do this.
  2. A nurse could potentially crossover and be trained and certified to do specific ultrasounds but a ultrasound tech cannot cross over and do nursing procedures.
  3. The nurse’s knowledge about patient preparation for ultrasound is important to providing timely patient care. For example, if the patient is scheduled for an abdominal ultrasound is supposed to attend the appointment with a full bladder and the nurse does not inform the patient ahead of time, the patient may void before the appointment which will result in long delay or rescheduling of the test.


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In order to expand on the idea that nurses and ultrasonographers scope of practice coverges with ability to insert an instrument past the labia majora, you may want to discuss the importance of respect for patient privacy and informed consent. Both disciplines must provide privacy and obtain consent when doing this type of intimate procedure.

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