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I'm originally from the states and I live in London, England with my husband. I have a UK bachelor's degree in Art. Recently I've wanted to change careers and become a nurse. I've always enjoyed helping people and at the moment I am a healthcare assistant.

Does anyone know if I could get onto a Postgraduate Diploma Nursing course if I have not done any GCSE?

I was told from a couple of Uni's in London (through email) I needed to complete a GCSE's Math, English, and Science, in order for my application to be considered.

But, all of this was exempt when I did a BA in Art in the UK a few years ago. I was told at the time by my previous Uni' a US high school diploma was equal to five GCSE's and I also went to a community college in the states for a bit and completed classes in English Lit, Chemistry and Math, which counted towards getting onto that art course.

Any thoughts?

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May be worth actually talking to someone instead of via email re requirements


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I did an accelerated course in Nursing a few years back. If you don't have a GCSE in Maths and English, then you will need some other formal qualification demonstrating your ability in them. The requirements for Nursing will be different to an Arts course. You need to be proficient at maths and English.

Best to talk to the admissions team at the universities you are interested in for further guidance as it sounds like you have international qualifications which they may consider.