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Hi, I'm a UK registered general nurse currently working in critical care (icu/hdu) and looking at moving to Canada with my partner. Just wondering if anyone could give me any insight into the process or job situation please. Online info I've come across is very mixed. Some people finding it an easy process and jobs available, others saying it's pretty difficult. I'm only in the early stages researching but I understand I need to register with the province I wish to work in and when accepted I need to do an exam? I'm unsure if my BA hons degree in adult nursing will be acceptable.

We are hoping to move to British Columbia with other family who will be sponsored or possible Alberta as this looks more affordable. Any info would be much appreciated x

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All IEN's wanting to register in Canada must now go through the NNAS process. We havn'et had anybody post yet that has completed the process you have report from NNAS you then apply to the provincial college of RN's and wait for their decision. Your transcripts must show clinical and theory hours in Paeds, Mental Health, Obstetrics and Adult.

For all provinces now I do not think it is an easy process and I have seen a few UK RN's post on another site on how long the process is for both BC and Alberta and most once the colleges have reviewed application have had to do some form of practical assessment and in many cases have to do courses costing $$

As a rough guide you are looking at 2-3 years to go through the assessment process and get a decision on whether you can sit NCLEX or not