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Hi all I really need some advice and help here. Hope someone can help me. I moved from England in 1981 after completing my SEN course, to South Africa where i was enrolled with the SA nursing council without any problems. I worked in a private hospital there as a staff nurse. In 2001 I married a guy from Chicago and moved here. I am trying to find out, if anything what use my SEN qualification is here. I have tried to call nursing boards to no avail they have never heard of my course. I know the course has now phased out and a lot of my classmates in the UK did the bridging course and are now RNs. I would like to get back into nursing as I have over 10 years experience in Hospitals and home health care. I am presently working in blood banking as it was the closest I could get to nursing without my Illinois Licence. Has anyone here had a similar experience or could just give me some advice as to where to turn next. My course was two years it was in a teaching hospital and recognised in a lot of other countries. Thanks Pam

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I used to be a SEN and converted to RN from what I have understood about the US system whilst researching moving over to the US is that they do not recognise SEN training.

I am not able to offer any more advise as I am unsure of the answer, but it might be easier to do ur training again in the US


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