UK expecting a bad H1N1 outbreak in fall.

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Two thumbs to UK for assuming the worst and preparing. I am a little alarmed by the fact that CDC isn't taking the bull by the horns here. We tend to do this stuff state by state but because of the economic crisis there is little or no preparation going on at the state and local level. I have said this before and I will say it again. After 10 years of cut backs our health care industry is going thru one of the biggest staffing reductions yet. Hospitals over the country are STILL cutting back. I am really frightened by this Someone at the CDC has to build a fire under the establishment and tell them we want a state by state break down of how this is going to be handled. Just like they had the worst case test run at the banks, they have to have a pandemic worst case test run. What I fear is that we are going to have a worst case test run in the fall but it won't be a test. We could use a lot of young healthy people due to lack of access.

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