Uk BSC- recognised in us?...and other Q's


I have just been obtained a BSC(hons) Health Studies (first class..yeah!) and was wondering if its recognised in the states where I am now located. I know its totally different than a BSN and that I will have to do that at some point. Actually, do I have to do a full bachelors or is there a program whereby I can do a shortened course? Also, what are the general impressions of online degree courses over here in the US, are they fewed as inferior in any way?

Somehow this turned into a few questions!!!!

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It is not recognized as a BSN, but as a Bachelor's degree in another field. And that is still acceptable for many employers.

Depending on what your goal is, will determine what you need to do.

The issue with the BSN is that a certain number of hours need to be completed in residence at a university before they will give issue you the degree. Even if only a couple of classes were actually needed.

University of Phoenix has a program that is accepted in all fifty states for the BSN, if you already have a US license.

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