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I am looking for some advice on who to talk to in order to figure out what classes I took to get my B.A. in English and M.A. in Education would count toward some of the pre-reqs listed for UIC BSN.

I went to an appt. with an advisor at the main Admissions department and she glanced at my transcripts and told me she wasn't sure about basically anything and told me to call the nursing school and ask them. I was an ENGLISH major and she wasn't sure if I needed to take English Composition I and II. I called the school -- and the guy I talked to told me that they leave it up to the prospective student to figure out -- and point blank said that they won't help me. He told me that the place I went to originally -- main Admissions was supposed to guide me through it.

I mean, I came from country-ville New Mexcio to the sophisticated city of Chicago, and no one can advise me for applying program that will cost over 40 grand?

Does anyone have any advice for me? Who should I try to talk to? I am already having a hard enough time with my decision to leave teaching after 15 years and basically start over. I am signed up to do three science pre-reqs I know I need this semester so it's no super pressing, but still....

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This is a sincere answer, not intended to be sarcastic. Rather than coming to a message board for advice on how to navigate 2 non-communicating departments at a large university that doesn't seem interested in assisting a prospective student, please consider other programs that might be more responsive to your needs.

Otherwise, I have a feeling that we'll be hearing about other issues with the program over the next few years.

Welcome to my home state (where I no longer reside.). I hope your tolerance for BS is very high:)


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Lol bad news: I went to the university of Illinois and I was an English major and I had to retake both composition 1 and 2 even though I already had my BA in English.