Ugh i hate testssss - help

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So I took the COMPASS test today as a prereq and did awesome on everything BUT MATH!!!!! I am horrible at math!!! Does anyone have an tips for doing well in math?

Start out at the lowest level of math possible and work your way up, advancing only when you've mastered the information.

When I first started out in college, I tested into pre-calculus and thought I could hack it. Nope. I didn't have the foundations for them, so I took introductory algebra and the following courses until now, and I'm currently in College Algebra / Functions but I'm comfortable with this stuff because I've learned the basic rules previously.

HAHA! At first glance I thought you said I hate testessss, and was figuring this was an A and P post. Can you tell what I just finished studying, yep Male/Female reproductive. I agree with pp, start at lowest level and go from there.

Fundamental math skills are paramount to any subfield of the medical world. With that said I had issues with math as well, the thing that I had to do was to take pre-100 level math prep courses at a community college, and it helped me tremendously. The courses built on each to build a solid foundation for me. Hope this helps!

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