ugh~ experiencing some difficulties.


OK so far I have an 86 test average. Plus a 100 on dosage calc and I have passed all clinical checkoffs... until today. :-( I failed my urinary cath checkoffs. I get to go back in friday and redo it, but I am experiencing a little bit of anxiety. I totally missed the demo in lab because the school called me because one of my kids were throwing up at school. I am also having some trouble writing good care plans. I just dont seem to get it. I dont want this to be the only thing that causes me to fail nursing school... I mean really... yes careplans are hard but surely I can do it.

After this last week I just wanted to curl up and hide all weekend. ugh...

Anyone else have trouble with care plans?


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Care plans can be tough - in my school, the professors do not teach care plans. The clinical instructors do. My first clinical instructor focused mostly on diagnoses rather than the plans as a whole. My second instructor hated care plans and didn't even have us turn them in! So, I learned nothing about care plans that rotation. I just mention this so you know you are not alone - I think lots of people struggle and we get varying levels on instruction on this.

There is some GREAT information on care plans on this site. If you have the time & determination, you CAN teach yourself how to create a solid care plan. Do a search on this site for "daytonite" (it's a username - this user, who has now passed away, wrote some amazing threads on careplans). This search should bring up literally hundreds of posts you can look through. There are also care plan "stickies" at the top of the page.

As for your checkoff, since you missed the demo, is there any way someone can meet with you one on one to go through it?