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UFV Jan 2015 intake


Hi everyone,

I decided to start a thread to see if anyone has applied for January 2015 intake. This is my first time applying to UFV. Wondering if anyone can give some advice. Here is what I am I have done so far.... I have 123 hrs of volunteer hours, as far as grades go, I graduate from high school 10 years ago, so my high school grades are a bit out of date. I have however completed my first year A&P courses, first year English plus an English elective, a stats course. Will anyone know if this will be competitive enough?

Hello there! I would suggest you move your post to the Canadian program page for a much better response!

I was accepted for UFV Fall 2014, and cannot wait to start this Sept! This forum was a sanity saver for sure, fun talking to people who really understand what your going through.

Good luck, and hope to see ya around come Winter :)

Thanks for ur suggestion. Congrats on getting in. Wondering what kind of grades did u have to get in?

I had 2 As and 2 Bs for pre reqs and English 105 and psych 101 completed with a A and A-. Also I had quite a lot of health care experiences in a variety of settings which I think helped boost my application a lot as my grades were average considering a lot of people admitted have straight As.

Good luck to you as you start this journey! It's a long haul to the starting line but don't get discouraged it's possible!!

Thanks neverland. Its nice to have other students back you up :) i am feeling that I will not get in this intake due to my grades.. But fingers crossed that they see I have done all the electives ahead of time. I have english 105 with a B-, HSC ( A&P courses) with a B- and C ( lowest grade so fat). I will prob just up grade all my high school classes in Sept. Good luck in Sept. Its a heavy demand with lots of reading. I was in the nursing program at Douglas last Sept, but due to A&P I did not pass so I was dropped from the program. I was doing 5 nursing classes along with Biology and English. But I am trying again to get in and get it done :)

Hey :) I have also applied for ufv 2015 jan intake! I have 3 As and 1 B. Im registered for Human anatomy for sept and have completed psych phil soc! I have around 130 hours of volunteer. This will be my 2nd time applying!

good luck!

Good luck to you too breanna17. Also good luck A&P.. I have done both and they are tough. But def worth gettin it out of the way before the program. If you can get english outta the way too it will be a bonus. If you do not mind.. May I ask why you did not get in the first time??

Brianne17 - I am in the same boat as you! See you next week and hopefully we hear about those info sessions/interviews soon! This waiting game is painful :p This will be my first time applying though.