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I am a UF accelerated BSN hopeful! Looking for current students and alumni alike to comment on this thread regarding their experiences with the nursing program (traditional and accelerated alike). Did you find it prepared / is preparing you well for the nursing profession? For the NCLEX? Did you find that there was enough clinical time? What is the quality of the instructors? Any other feedback not addressed in these questions also welcome. I want to be more informed about the program and get more excited about going there than I already am :p!

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I graduated in 2008 from UF's ABSN. The program does a moderate job of preparing you for nursing, but requires you to put in quite a bit of effort. The instructors are a mix of amazing professors (David Derrico) and some that are pretty mediocre. I prepared for the NCLEX after completing the program by rereading my Medsurg book and reviewing every NCLEX book I could get my hands on. Overall, you get out of it what you put in to it. I would have preferred more clinical time, but compensated for this by working as a nurse tech at a hospital (I highly recommend this). Clinicals can only teach you so much, and you must work for even more knowledge.:twocents:

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