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UExcel Intro to Sociology



Has anyone taken the Intro to Sociology UExcel exam? I ordered the recommended text book on my iPad, but it only shows the "text" itself. I can't just read the entire book and then go sit for the exam. Doesn anyone have any advice on studying for this exam? I want to schedule it very soon but I also want to be well prepared. There is SO much information in the content guide. It just seems overwhelming. I already purchased the practice exams as well. I wish there was an online visual course you could watch and then take quizzes to prepare and retain the information. It would be great if UExcel had an online "self assessment" exam prep course. Then go sit for the exam. Hmmmmm.... Any advice?

Thank you,

Chad, LVN

medic112, EMT-P

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Hey DallasNurse,

I have not yet taken the sociology exam, but I am studying toward that currently. I am trying to read the entire book myself which can be a bit much, but I like reading anyway. I don't know of any online visual courses but I'm sure there would have to be some. Wouldn't it be worthwhile to just read the book for the same amount of time you planned on watching these online classes anyway?

I found this site ( not sure if we can post links here but copy and paste it and it should work ) highered.mheducation.com/sites/0072435569/student_view0/chapter1/multiple_choice_quiz.html

In the left most menu you can look at different chapters questions. I looked through these, picked out the buzz words and people I'd need to remember, then started reading our recommended text. I hope this helps a bit. Good Luck.