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Has anyone heard back from UCSF CVICU or acute resource team New grad openings???


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Not yet. I applied on the 14th. I called them few days later and the recruiter said they already had 300 applicants at that point and would likely interview 10-15 for the 5 spots in acute care. MMMM. chances may not be good that I'll hear anything.

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From what I understand, they are prioritizing the UCSF MEPNs for the Acute Care positions (since that was created out of the "acute care scholarship" that we would normally have been able to apply for if UCSF were hiring more people).

That's my understanding from the presentation given to us in Spring. I could be wrong, but that's what I recall them telling us. As far as the other positions go, I think they're pretty open season. Good luck all.

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