UCSD Health New Grad Program - October 2018

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Hello! I didn't see any existing threads about the UCSD New Graduate Program that starts in October. I thought I would start one so that we can share updates and tips with each other. I submitted my application a few weeks ago, and right now my Job Status is listed as "Open."

Hi there! What units have you applied for so far? I've applied for Trauma PCU (status is Application Received), Med/Surg/PCU (status is Others More Competitive), and Med Surg (status is still App Received). I am also planning on applying for L&D!

Hello! I have also applied to several UCSD new grad positions. I was informed a couple days ago about trauma/PCU (status: others more competitive), the rest of my applications say (status: application received).

I applied to Med/Surg/PCU, Med/Onc/PCU, and IMU/PCU!

So far all of mine are listed as "Application Received."

I am planning on applying to every posting that comes up. It's driving me crazy though to not have more updates! To think that the program would start in October and there has been minimal communication is really starting to stress me out.

Did you guys apply to any other hospitals? I applied to Scripps and Sharp, I heard from Scripps saying that I didn't get a position. I have yet to hear any updates from Sharp.

Yeah haven't heard anything yet. The UCSD ER position I applied for my status changed to: position filled a couple days ago. The rest still say: application received.

I also applied to Sharp and Scripps and did not get anything back from both.

I've made changes to my resume so hoping to hear something good this next time around.

It's making me crazy! Did you get an email to let you know that the ER position was filled, or did you only find out from checking your account? At this point I am basically preparing myself to just reapply for their spring program.

No email. Just checked my status under my account

Has anyone heard anything back? My status has been "referred to hiring department" for about 2 weeks now. October is around the corner and no interview offers yet. I was wondering if anyone else is in the same position?

What position did you apply to that changed to "referred to hiring"? @rnca2018

The new grad L&D/PP position. What did you apply for?

I applied to med/onc PCU and medicine IMU but my status hasn't changed. I interviewed for the Hillcrest ED but I didn't get it.

I called the other day asking about a timeline and they said there isn't necessarily one and that all you can do at this point is to wait and see if they contact you. Good luck!!!

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