UCHealth Nurse Residency July/August 2018

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I applied to UCHealth's Nurse Residency program for the July/August 2018 cohort and was curious if anyone has heard back yet. I know this program is extremely competitive and I'm nervous I will not be getting an interview. I would love to hear anyone's past or current experiences with UCHealth as well as other hospitals they would recommend in the Denver area. Thanks in advance!

Hi @cdwanben! I applied to all three regions for various floors in each region. I recieved a rejection email from Metro, nothing from South (Colorado Springs) and have an interview with the ED's for all three Northern locations! Good luck!

I applied to the Colorado Springs location and have not yet heard anything.

Anyone hear back from Colorado Springs yet?

No news for me yet

I'm still waiting to hear back from Colorado Springs too.

I was not selected for the July/August cohort but reapplied and got an interview for the October cohort on MSPCU and Pulmonary units. Wish me luck!

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