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UCF 2015 FALL BSN traditional program

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Hello, I plan on applying to UCF's traditional BSN program in the fall of 2015. Although there is still some time before the application period begins I wanted to start this thread to get the ball rolling for all of us that plan on applying. Also I wanted to see what the application pool is looking like for this cycle in regards to stats. Mine go as this:

Cum. GPA: 3.73

Pre. Req. GPA: 3.84

as for the teas I take it next month

(Wish me luck I've been studying a lot for it, so if u have any tips feel free..lol)

Hope to be hearing back from some of you prospective students with your stats, questions/comments w.e it may be :)

P.s. past students that want to share their experience with the UCF program so far, are also welcome :)

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