UCAN Spring 2021


Anyone else applying to CU Denver for Spring 2021 start?


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I am! I have friends who applied to the 2 year program & both had their interviews online. I think the same will happen for us if we get selected for interviews. This wait is going to kill me LOL


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I submitted an application for UCAN ABSN Spring 2021 on NursingCas on June 9. Does anyone know if we have to send them our university transcripts?


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I've applied and have yet to hear back about the interview. Has anyone received an interview invitation yet?


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Sadly, not yet. I’ll definitely post on here if I hear back! No later than July 6th, like everyone else said, hope to hear back before the weekend. ?

@djld NursingCas will make your transcripts available to CU college of nursing. But I did need to submit my latest transcript through NursingCas once my Spring grades were in.


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The wait is killing me!! Hoping to hear back before the weekend so I can stop refreshing my email every 20 minutes ?

Good luck everyone!


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I haven't heard back. hopefully we will soon!


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I've decided that they're probably going to let us know after business hours so there won't be any angry calls to the dean -- ha!


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I did too. I interview tomorrow. Good luck everyone!