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UCAN Denver 2021

molbroo molbroo (New) New Pre-Student

Hey guys!

I didn't see a thread for the UCAN Denver 2021 program yet so I figured I'd start one. I just finished my application a couple weeks ago! Has anyone else applied / planning on applying? I've also applied to Regis' ABSN program.

A little about me – I originally received my Bachelor's in Psychology and went to a Master's program for Clinical Adult Psychology. After moving to Denver, I decided to make the switch to software development and went to a bootcamp. I'm now eager to get back into a caring field and am very excited about eventually becoming a nurse <3!

Best of luck to everyone!


I submitted my application in April. Fingers crossed we’ll hear back about interviews! I have two coworkers who applied for the tradition 2 year program & both completed their interviews online. I’m super excited about everything. Background- I have my BA from CU Denver in international studies & moved to DC for a bit after graduation. Moved back home last Summer & am ready to start nursing school!

Awesome @rnan24! Do you work in the medical field currently?

I'd be interested to hear how the online interviews went for your two coworkers. From what I've seen, it seems like we won't hear if we have an interview until around the end of June 😬

I’m currently working as a CNA 🙂. They both had individual interviews & not group interviews. It’s so hard waiting LOL. I’ll definitely post here if I hear back & when. Are you working in software development now?

Agreed – It's so painful waiting! Good luck to your coworkers!

I am working as a software developer right now. Thankful I can still work during these crazy times 🙏

Hopefully we hear something soon 🤞!

Hi! I also applied to the UCAN 2021 program, and just an anxious to hear back! I just found this thread from the last few years and honestly got a little nervous.
A little about me - I’m from TX I have a BA in Psychology from Texas Tech and was a special education teacher for 2 years near DC. I moved to Colorado in 2019 & decided I wanted to pursue nursing, so I finished pretend & got my CNA certification, & have been working at a hospital since the beginning of this year. It’s been a good experience learning from the nurses, and I can’t wait to hear back - although I think I would much rather have in person interviews.

Hoping we all hear back soon though!!

Hey!! Oh nice! I think we should be hearing back by the end of this week or early next week. I lived in the DC area as well. What part of DC were you at? I’d love to meet up and grab coffee or something with you guys (in a safe manner of course). My number’s 303-330-9472.

Yes I heard by July 6th latest! Hoping it doesn’t take that long though haha.

How cool! I loved actually in Germantown MD but worked in Rockville, so about 25 min from DC. Where were you??

I'm totally down to meet up!! I think it would be helpful to have familiar people going forward! & just to make some new friends haha, it’s a lot harder to do out of college 😅 I will text you!

It’s soooo true. It was much easier back in school. Hope we all get into the program together! Yeah, I agree, at least we’ll make some more friends! I lived in Fairfax, so NoVa area & was about 20 mins from DC (without traffic LOL).

Nice to meet you @Jholl94 – I also got really nervous after looking at previous years' threads for some reason. I would love to meet up with you guys!

I also received the email where they said that we would know by July 6th. From looking at previous years' threads, it looks like people consistently heard by around the last day of June, so I'm hoping we find out then too 🤞.

I'll text you @rnan24 and we can all make a plan to meet up (safely) 🙂

@Jholl94 @molbroo @rnan24 Hi guys! Just found this thread thankfully! Where did you guys hear about a response by July 6th? Just wondering if I missed that part in one of their emails. Thanks 🙌🏼

@dharrigan13 Hey! Yes, the College of Nursing sent out an email informing us that they’ll send out an email by July 6th. The email was sent to me on 6/15/2020.

Hey @dharrigan13! Yeah I got an email too on 6/15 with the information that we should hear back by 7/6. Also they said the interview will most likely be done remotely rather than in person.

@molbroo That's good to know, thanks! I'm not sure if I deleted the email or if it got sent to my spam folder that's why I wanted to know. I appreciate it!

The email was titled University of Colorado College of Nursing- Spring 2021 UCAN Program- Application Status if you want to search for it 🙂

Hey everyone!! Just stumbled across this thread after freaking myself out by reading previous years posts LOL. Background- I have a BS in biochemistry and did research throughout college. Decided I didn’t like research as a career and fell in love with medicine my senior year! Went to EMT school after graduating and have been an EMT in Philadelphia for a little over a year.

Anyone hear back yet? Hoping they don’t save it for the last day possible so I can relax this weekend.

Hey @reillybc8! I haven't heard anything back yet either. I'm also hoping we find out before the 6th – I've been constantly checking my emails.

Best of luck to everyone! Hopefully we all hear good news 🤞

@molbroo same. I’ll even refresh my email before bed as if they’re gonna send out interview invites at 11 pm 😂

Good luck to you and everyone else in the thread!!