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UC Raymond Walters clinicals


Hey everyone!

I have been at UC for a few years now and I recently changed to raymond walters to do their nursing program. I only have 5 actual classes left to do but the wait to do clinicals is 2 years. I wanted to know from any students that are possibly in the program or on the waiting list how ,long you were on the list and what clinicals are like??

To everyone else, what is your school like? I have been wanting to know more about surrounding nursing schools like Christ, Hondros, etc. Thanks.


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I am a 2nd year nursing student at RWC and yesterday was our very last lecture!:yeah:We have an exam May 28th, HESI June 4, and graduation June 13th. I also transferred from main campus in fall of 2005. I had 2 classes to take before being placed on the waiting list. I made the list in January of '06, (was number 156) was told it would be at least a 2 year wait because they had already filled the Fall "06 class and the program takes a max of 110 students each year, so I was looking at a start of Fall '08. I found out in April of '07 that I got in for fall '07. It was crazy! So I was on the list for about 1 yr 3 months. I was told now there is not a waiting list, that the program has gone GPA based, but I could be wrong.

Clinicals..wow! where to begin:bugeyes:: It starts out not so bad, then get progressively more involved. More skills, more knowledge application, more tests, more paperwork, less time. There is so much I could tell you! If you have a specific question about a certain, quarter, class or professor, I'd be happy to answer you. Hope this helps!


Thanks for the info. Thats so good and hopefully I wont be waiting forever. I had a few specific questions. One is when you do clinicals what kind of homework do you do, and does a lot of it require math. MAth isnt my best area. And secondly did you take stats for health sciences? I am taking that in the fall and wanted to know how hard it was. Thanks so much- JT


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Clinicals start the first quarter. Your time will be split between the nursing labs on campus and clinical at a nursing home. Very basic assessment and interview stuff at first. It teaches you to gather information about a patient. Then, as the quarters advance you will have less lab time, more clinical time. It will either be 1 day a week from 7-4 or 2 days a week from 7-12; depends on your professor. The homework is really careplans and nursing diagnosis and nursing interventions you have created from the information you gathered about your patient. It'll will make more sense as you get involved, I promise.

Lots of writing, typing careplans and critical thinking, you will learn how to do all of this I promise! Usually, if you have clinical on friday, your paperwork will be due the first lecture day of the following week. The math calculatons are not too bad, I'm not good at math either. Go see Frank the science guy in SAHB, he's the nursing student guardian angel. Tell him what you need and he'll help. He's ready for the new students;). I did take the Stats class, it wasn't hard, but it was different. Go see Frank and you'll be fine.



I attend Hondros College (Cincinnati). We actually have clinicals starting in our first term, so we don't have to get on a waiting list after we've completed our classes. For the first two terms we went to nursing homes. This term, we'll be going to daycares, etc. (They're definitely not the most exciting locations, but they meet the requirements!) :)

As the pp said, you will learn to assess your patient, and then create a care plan for them. Most importantly, you will learn how to document. (I'm sure you've become quite accustomed to hearing "If you didn't document it, you didn't do it!")

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I'm a student at Cincinnati State, which is notorious for its wait list. I think the website says it's an average of 2.5 years. I waited almost exactly a year. I went on the list in Aug 08, and I start clinicals this September.

I was initially told I wouldn't start until Feb 2011 :)

A lot of people switch majors or simply drop out - that helps your chances of getting bumped. Good luck!

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