UC Health (Colorado) Nurse Residency Program

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Hi guys,

I graduate nursing school (BSN) next year in May 2021 and I want to relocate to Colorado. One of the nurse residency programs I have been looking at is UC Health. I want to add that I am only interested in going into the ICU. However, looking at their website it says that if you are applying for the ICU positions you would need some sort of paid or unpaid experience in critical care. Unfortunately, my only critical care related experience is doing some shadow hours... Does anyone know or have knowledge if UC Health Nurse Residency Programs will still hire new grads with little to no experience in critical care? Despite what they claim on their website?

Thanks in advance!!

GrenIedGal, BSN, RN

Has 2 years experience.

I don't have experience with UCHealth in particular but most residencies want to see you do your final preceptorship in the unit you are most interested/applying into. You said you don't graduate until May 2021, so try to set yourself up for a critical/intensive care final rotation and log those hours in ICU for experience and residency expectations. Good luck!

UC health is pretty competitive for residency programs in Colorado springs and northern Colorado and they have software filtering the applicationu. If you don't have the expirence your application likely won't be looked at by a real person. Like grenledgal said above, try and get your final clinical hours in ICU