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UALR/UAMS BSN RN Applicants 2015

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I finished all pre-reqs that UAMS required in 2014 and applied to them for entry Summer 14 and didn't get accepted. Devastated and not wanting to default on loans, I stayed at PTC for this last year and took some course needed for bachelors and one other class I needed for A.S. Now I have that degree with honors. Im frustrated because I have a 3.6 GPA, I do not have a grade below a B on my transcript spaning 5 years and I saw applicants who got in last year with the 3.0s. Granted, I did only score a 61% on teas test (I had too much going on) but again someone else I read about didn't make above a 65% and had a 3.0 and they got in. I'm not trying to harp on anyone's success, by any means, I just don't know what these schools want. And this isn't something I dreamed up last night. 6 years people!!! I'm very familiar with the health care field being I have been a family practice medical assistant for 5 years so I understand the dedication and energy that goes into it. Has anyone else experienced this much trouble??? I'm really feeling defeated.

P.S. I only applied to UALR this year...no word from them yet

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UPDATE!!! I got into accelerated options at UALR!! Too excited!!