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UAB RN to BSN program

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Has anyone on here completed UAB RN to BSN program? I have just applied for fall 2018. I'm just looking for some insight into the program and what to expect. Thanks

LovingPeds, MSN, APRN, NP

Specializes in Clinical Pediatrics; Maternal-Child Educator. Has 10 years experience.

I completed the RN to BSN program at UAB about four years ago. I just completed my MSN at UAB literally this past week, so a lot of it is running together for me at this point as far as the programs. I do remember greatly appreciating this program and I am glad that I had chosen to go to UAB over other the other academic options. I remember the majority of it being online, but I do recall going to campus once or twice for orientation and an assessment check-off. One of the nursing instructors gave me excellent advice to improve my chances of getting into the MSN program since that was my ultimate goal during one of those times. I chose UAB over other online programs that did not offer clinical experience because of the leadership clinical practicum. I precepted at UAB with one of the unit managers and it gave me a deeper understanding of healthcare from an administrative perspective that I was able to implement in my career as a staff nurse at that time. I had considerable growth with this program as a nurse. I had peers who went through programs that were majority online with the requirements mostly being written papers (Jacksonville State, etc). In comparing my experience with theirs, I honestly felt my bridge program was more well rounded and my outcomes as far as learning were more concrete. It didn't help that they discovered their statistics questions had been answered all online and chose to use them to pass.... My advice to you is that regardless what path you choose as far as school, you get what you put into it. I wish you luck as you further your career!

Thanks LovingPeds, I haven't heard anything yet but am very excited to hopefully be getting my BSN, Ive been a nurse about 20 years and finally am at a point in my life that I can go back to school. Nursing has been great to me so I'm ready to move forward and pursue other avenues in nursing. Maybe even a MSN!