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UAB, MCG, Mercer, MUSC, UNCC- Opinions??

I am planning on applying to the following schools--UAB (University of Alabama/Birmingham), MCG (Medical College of Georgia/Augusta), Mercer (Macon, GA), MUSC (Charleston, SC), and UNCC (Charlotte, NC). Any information regarding the above schools (not info I can find on their websites, ie. prereqs, application process, but review of their programs) would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!


Specializes in Vascular/trauma/OB/peds anesthesia. Has 8 years experience.

After one week, I am pleased with UAB. The application process was pretty simple. No surprises. Nice faculty.

Ask me again in a few months and I may have a different story.

PM me for more info.

I agree with Phish....but we are only in our 2nd week. The interview process was low-pressure, all of the instructors and the director are extremely down-to-earth and friendly. I feel very good about UAB right now. If you apply to the Birmingham component they place importance on these things in this order (IMO):



character (interview)


The way they calculate the grade point average that they use to compare candidates is they take the GPA from your last 60 hours of completed courses (can be undergrad, undergrad and graduate, or all graduate courses....whichever makes the last 60 hours) and they take your science GPA, add them together and divide by 2....so your science grades determine alot.

Hope that helps.

I am in my second week at MCG. So come back to me in a month or so LOL.

It is a lot of work. A LOT OF WORK.

Phish is on the money with her statement. I agree totally. The super big things are the interview and your references. They tell the tale.

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