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UAB or Maryville PNP??


Hello, I currently have been accepted into Maryville University’s PNP program that starts May 6th. I also just got my acceptance into The University of Alabama-Birmingham and the start date for their program would be the fall semester. I plan to work at least the first year of either program and currently live in SaintLouis. I was wondering if anyone has or is currently enrolled in either program and what their thoughts are of these schools. Any feedback would behelpful. Thank you! 

I currently live in Texas and am in the last semester of the ACNP program at maryville. I have had an exceptional experience at Maryville and feel 100% prepared for boards. Seeking out a preceptor on your own is a challenge with any online program but I have also heard great things from the PNP students. I would give Maryville an A+ rating.


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I am currently enrolled at Maryville and I do not highly recommend the program. I'm not sure how much of it is specific to this program and how much is distance learning APRN programs in general, but with the exception of one class so far (out of five), I'm not sure what I'm paying for. There are no lectures, most of the professors did NOTHING in the way of provide feedback or anything that approximates teaching of any sort. The only way this program worked for me was that I have excellent preceptors already lined up for all of the semesters, and they are willing to work with me to become a competent provider. I understand that the board pass rate for the school is good, but I think that's mostly because after spending $30K+ for a degree, most people are going to put significant effort into preparing themselves for the board examination. Good luck finding the program that will work best for you.