Can anyone tell me about UAB's DNP program? I will finish up my ACNP with them in August 2015 and was wondering if I should continue on with them? Any pros or cons about the program?


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I've talked to a couple of people on here that PM'd me some info if you are interested.


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I wanted to ask about the ACNP program. Man I hear good things- but I am concerned about the job market.


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I am concerned about the job market as well but I love critical care and I decided to stick with what I love and hope for the best once I graduate. My current RN job is secure and pays well enough that I can take my time looking for a job and I figured if I don't find a job within a year I would go back and get an FNP certificate. I really hope that I don't have to do that though!!! The ACNP program at UAB is excellent and I would recommend it highly. Only bad thing is you have to find your own preceptor and you don't get much help from them but I think that's how it is at other schools too.


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Yeah that's how it was in my FNP program. (Finding your own preceptors) Honestly, sometimes I wish I would've gone for ACNP. There seems to be more job openings for those vs FNP. At least in my area. : ) .