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Hey all,

Anybody applying to UAB for 2010 term? Does anybody know how many generally apply and how many get interviews and actually get in the program?


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Hey sleepeasy,

I will be applying to UAB for 2010, but hopefully I found out in late September that I get into Samford and I can withdraw my application, but you can't be too careful.

It depends on which component you are applying for. Mobile is the smallest with 4 (or maybe it's 6?) slots and the Birmingham component is the largest with 25 slots. Each one has double the interviewees for it's slots. So Birmingham will have 50 interviewees. All students from each component take classes at UAB but will split up for clinicals into their components. Unfortunately, you can only apply for one component. I can only guess at the number of applicants but from my understanding the typical applicant for any school is around 300-400. Just what I've heard.

The interview process is uniform for all components as of last year, which is a meet and greet type thing with no clinical questions.


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Mobile has 4 or 6 slots? That's where I'm applying to. Hmm... how do they justify having a distance program with just 4 or 6 students? Now you got me nervous because I don't think I can make the cut if they just have 4 or 6 students.

I'm applying for Fall 2010 entry class for the Mobile component. I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and Mobile is only 50 mile away. I have a 3.52 GPA undergrad, 1030 on the GRE, 4.0 graduate GPA on 18 hours, CCRN certified, TNCC course certified, Sigma Theta Tau, 2 years of ICU experience, and just 40 hours of shadowing experience. I may retake the GRE before the Sept 1 application deadline.

A coworker I work with got accepted to the UAB Mobile component last year, but she turned it down. She had a 1150 on the GRE, and a 4.0 undergrad GPA...I wish I had her stats!

LSU is my school of choice, but UAB is my 2nd choice.


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I applied to UAB Class of 2010...who all else has applied?:redbeathe


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UAB still hasn't sent out it's letters inviting people for interviews. Hopefully they will be out by Thanksgiving 2009.


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I am hearing letters have been sent.....Anyone got good news to share...???:up:


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Got an interview to UAB:yeah:


26 Posts all UAB 2010 interview letters have been sent out. Has anyone heard the aprox. number of students UAB will be accepting for their next class?

My interview will be soon...I think we are supposed to sign a confidentiality If I can post any advice to future applicants I will.

Has anyone heard anything back from UAB regarding their acceptance? I was told Tuesday/Wednesday emails would be sent out and letters would be sent to those who were not accepted?

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