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Hey, I'm wondering if anybody on here can give me some statistics, information, tips, etc. for gaining admission to the UAB AMNP program. I am entering my senior year at the University of the South with a 3.1 GPA, which, from what I've read in other forums, might really thwart my attempts in getting into this program...does anyone have any further information regarding this? Disregarding the iffy GPA, I have a fair amount going for me, or at least I think so. I acquired my EMT-IV license during my freshman year and was accepted onto the University's volunteer service, which I will serve on until graduation. This has also allowed me to join the fire department and work Bonnaroo over the summers. I have also done medical work in Haiti. Do these extracurriculars improve my chances of acceptance? I guess what I'm really asking is, does UAB look at applicants in a holistic manner? I would be so grateful if anyone can provide me some information regarding this program. Thank you!

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GPA is a major consideration in the AMNP program because it is so fast paced. You will cover 5 semesters of nursing school in 3. Unless you are a stellar student keeping up would be almost impossible.


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Hi, It seems like the admissions committee gives you a fair shake if you seem like a qualified candidate. We were having a discussion the other day about previous GPAs and there were quite a few people who did not do excellent before. Extra-Curriculars are good but writing a stand out essay and having good letters of rec are even more important. You really need to argue why you feel the need to be a nurse and why you didn't do so the first time around. This will be particularly salient since you may not have any full time work experience. If you can demonstrate a 3.5 or higher on your "pre-recs" minus the rest of your grades you should be okay.


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Thanks y'all for the input, I greatly appreciate it.

I'm a great student, just had a rough transition into college due to family circumstances. That first year can really mess your future up, unfortunately. Well, here's to the future and hoping for the best!


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Eubanhl0, I am in the same boat as you. I graduated from Rhodes in 2010 with a less than stellar overall GPA due to my first year. I am hoping the trend in my grades, my letters of recommendation and my experience since graduating will help me out. Good luck!