U of U's DNP ... "I got in!"


I just found out that I was accepted into the U's DNP FNP program. I am so excited! I was wondering if anyone else on here was accepted to anyother of the DNP or MSN programs at the U. I am crazy cared:bugeyes:. At the same time I am sad that my friend did not get in... I am kinda disapointed... I was hoping to start with someone that I knew. If you are were accepted any of the grad programs at the U add a post or pm me.


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That is wonderful news! You should be very proud of yourself. Congrats!

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I don't know where U of U is (University of Utah?) but I got into the FNP program at Tennessee Tech University, set to start full time Fall '09.

It is exciting, isn't it?

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:yeah:Congratulations!!! The "U" is a GREAT school, by reputation!! I'm proud of you!!!

(I just stated being a clinical education this past year, so I need to get MY act together and go back for my MSN)

Again, Cudos!!



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I have recently applied to the U of U's DNP program. How are you liking it? Would you recommend it?

Are there any others out there in the U's DNP program that have any advice, thoughts, comments!?

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