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U.S. Student, going to study in Canada


Hey all! New to this site. I've been trying to finish Nursing school for the past 4 years. I'm finally ready to dive in and get this degree finished.

I've been an MA for almost 8 years now and am currently working in an Urgent Care Facility. I've have experience in Internal Medicine, ENT and I love my job now.

My medical director is a Canadian born and trained physician who has brought up the idea to finish my degree in Canada. Now I know no Nursing school is easy in general but some have less steps to take to get your foot in the door and get your training started.

I've been researching some schools in Toronto and am interested in applying to York or Bloomberg. I have almost all my pre-requisites finished and have a course or two to complete in order to be able to apply to these schools. I'm looking to get my Bachelors and eventually bridge to become an NP down the road.

Has anyone from the U.S. studied in Canada? Any Canadian students have helpful advice. Any feed back is appreciated!

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Can you afford to study in Canada? Have you looked at the tuition costs?

I currently reside in Boston. The tuition costs are almost cut in half even with me being an international student. I do get financial aid as well which will help very much!

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But will your US financial aid go to Canada? Not sure how that would work. I guess I'm not understanding why you would want to train in Canada if you plan on working in the US. Just get your degree done here.

I'm still an american citizen and as long as the school I apply to is compatible it will cover it. I have a meeting today with the school to see what my options are financially.

@heathermaizey I would just get my degree done here but it would take an extra year with all the application requirements involved including the TEAS. Ihave all my pre-requisites required to apply to Bloomberg except 3 so I would just finish those here locally and apply to the school in November. I've waited long enough I want my degree badly.