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I am a registered nurse trained in UK. I would like to know whether any state boards in the USA recognises this qualification for purposes of employment. Any feedbacks on refresher courses would also be appreciated.




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I'm also a UK trained nurse working here. You will have to sit the NCLEX exam t be registered here. Each state has different requirements and you have to send them transcipts of your training to prove that you have the required hours in med/surg,psych,peds etc.

Some states require you to have the CGFNS before you can be licensed to work in that state. I think you can take that in the UK.

If you are serious about coming to the US I would go through an agency as they take care of everything including immigration,and also assist you in taking the boards,you have to commit to them for 18months -2years but after that you are free to do what you want.

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Hi, my question is about someone who wants to become a registered nurse in UK. My mother has about 30 years experience in Zimbabwe and then received her Master's Degree in the US in 1996. She's in the Luton area now working as a nurse aide because she was told she would have to take adaptation courses to become a nurse at the level she should be and even then she would only start at the 'D' level. Personally I feel she has more skills and experience than being at the D level. Not only that she was told she had to pay 700 pounds for this 3 month adaptation course. Do I smell rip-off?

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