what type of "extra" book should a RN to be start reading?


Once you started being a real RN after school,,,what area of your school books do you wish you had been smarter in? or what would you recommend I start reading about on the side, almost like a hobbie? I was thinking medical terminology books, and/or pharmacology? or the anatomy chapter on hearts? I dont want to feel lost because i wasnt fluent in some area, ya know... Thanks.


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I bought a nursing review book at a local bookstore the summer before

I entered school. Took it to the beach ;) and everywhere that summer.

Reviewed anatomy/physiology and medical surgical nursing.

Started to look over the chapter tests as well.

Tried to get an over view of Pediatrics and Maternal/Child.

What was helpful was this was the same book I used to study for

the Boards along with my nursing school notes.

A tip one of the seniors at my school gave us was to

get separate binders for each nursing area. Our school gave us

a handbook of assignments, articles for med surg, psych etc.

We then placed the notes taken in the labeled notebook along with

the hand book for that specialty.

When it came time to study for the Boards you could grab your Pediatric

and Maternal Child notebooks and you could head straight to the


Many students who just threw their notes in a pile were scrambling to

separate all the Pedi notes etc.

It taught me a lesson in reducing stress by being organized...

Good luck with school!!