what type of material is covered in nurse practitioner school?


The NP forum has little activity so I thought i'd post it here. After RN school I'd like to someday become a nurse practitioner. however, I want to know what kind of material is covered in NP school, like is there any advanced physics or chemistry involved?

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Typically, NP schools do not require additional pre-req's other than courses already covered in the BSN program.

All the NP specialty boards have uniform requirements for all pre-clinical courses in all NP programs. These include the "trio courses" of Advanced Pathophysiology, Advanced Pharmacology, and Advanced Health Assessment. These are supposed to be broad-based and should cover the lifecycle. Graduate level courses in Nursing Research, Statistics, and Nursing Theory are also required in the first year of NP school.

The second year consist of focused didactics and clinical rotations in the NP specialty one is training for. For example, if you are in an Adult ACNP program, the second year covers lectures in the management of adult conditions covering all the body systems from Neuro to Derm, Emergency and Traumas to Psychosocial. Clinical rotations in various settings are held concurrently with lectures. All NP boards require 500 clinical rotation hours but most programs go over and beyond the minimum hours of clinicals.