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They are totally unrelated, I just don't want to post twice.

1) I can't go into too much detail on this one here but suffice it to say that one of the patients that comes to the office regularly has a very strong odor about her from something that she uses. Problem is that the smell really does a job on me and after being around her for only a few minutes, my sinuses really burn and they continue to hurt for hours afterwards. (I'm seeing my doc about this in a couple of weeks) It's nothing against her personally, but the smell is really causing me problems. How on earth do I do my job and still keep my sinuses intact?

2) How does your office handle signing in a patient and letting you know the patient is there? My office has very old (DOS-based) software. When the patient checks in the receptionist is supposed to put a check next to the patient's name that is printed on a day sheet. I go to the day sheet and put a line through the check when I call the patient in. Add-ons are handwritten in between the other names. Needless to say, it becomes extremely confusing when there's a lot of add-ons. Then there's the problem of 1) the receptionist not checking the sheet or 2) the check being too small or 3) in the wrong place or 4) the patient being called in by someone else and not being marked off. Needless to say it leads to patients being skipped and a lot of frustration on everyone's part.

We're going to be expanding into new office space next month and I want them to change this process but I need some really good, concrete ideas to present to the powers that be.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanx in advance!

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First question: I'm presuming you must be involved in some portion of this person's visit? How much of it can you legally and reasonably farm out to an understanding co-worker who isn't similarly affected? (This from someone who has mastered the art of shutting off her olfactory system as needed purely out of self-defense, and would happily do it for you if I could :).)


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Hey laura

I agree if you can ask someone else to do the intake that would solve it?

I have one guy who smokes a brand of cigarette that sends me into an asthma epsiode. :crying2:

I use my inhaler and limit my conact with him. I am the only nurse so my doc has to pick up the slack, but he understands.

Willl your new ofice have a better scheduling system? Do they schedule in a book or on the cpmputer? Sounds like an update is inorder so as not to waste nursing time!!

We use LYTEC computer software to schedule and to communicate

we do an updated schedule two to four times daily.

I am aware the pt is there when the chart is up in the chart holder or the receptionist instant messages me in the computer. She will also IM me if someone is in for allergy shot BP etc.

If your office will not go to computer schduling can you at least make a template for the receptionsist to use that has spaces designated for work ins?

sounds like you are in a Busy office.. are you in family pracitce..

I will mulll this over abit!!

Joy and Smiles * Darla

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