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Two ER offerings in the Houston area

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I recently been offered an ER position at Ben Taub hospital and one at Memorial Herman- Pearland, TX. The ER at Memorial Herman in Pearland, Tx is a new and smaller ER. I haven't lived in Houston for long, a little under a year. I have always wanted to work at a level 1 trauma center but I also heard some good reviews about Memorial Herman organization. Has anyone on here ever worked for either of these ER ? If so, can you tell me some pros and cons of both hospitals ? I'm just trying to make the best decision for my career and myself. Thank you.

turnforthenurse, MSN, NP

Has 7 years experience. Specializes in ER, progressive care.

Is the new Pearland ED a trauma facility? As I'm sure you already know, Ben Taub is one of the two level 1's in the Houston area, the other being Memorial Hermann in the medical center. I have known some nurses who worked in the Ben Taub ED and loved it but it is a very busy place and you see some crazy stuff. It's also a county hospital. If you really want to do trauma, I say go for Ben Taub because you'll see the most and get the most bang for your buck. When I moved to this area, I actually interviewed at the MH in downtown but was turned down because I lacked the proper trauma experience (only had experience in a level 4).

Thank you for your comment. It has really helped me out in my decision. I chose Ben Taub. I thought about the experience and where it can take me. Thank you.


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