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Just thought I would post again... I'm taking a break from studying. In two more days I go take the state boards to become a LPN. I don't really have much to say... I guess I'm just venting. I'm so nervous!!! I've studied the matieral from school,

plus I'm using a review book that came with a CD, it's helped a lot... at least I hope it's helping, I'll know on Friday. A friend of mine passed hers, and she said it cost her $8 to call and find out her results. I'm hoping I can just log on-line to find out the results. How is every one else doing who is getting ready to take the boards? Are you guys nervous any? I had a dream last night that I was taking the boards, and I didn't know any of the material on the exam... I was freaking out, and I was kicked out of the center and wasn't able to finish the exam... God I hope that doesn't happen!!! Well I better get back to studying... drop me a line or two if ya read this.


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I know how you feel. A bit of advice, don't get all freaked out. It raises your anxiety level so high that you will concentrate on not knowing the material more than knowing it. I made this mistake when I first took NCLEX. I was so nervouse and freaked out when I got to the test center, that i wasn't concentrating on the questions and I made dumb mistakes and failed. Think positive, take a deep breathe and relax when you are taking the exam. Just concentrate on each question one at a time. Don't pay too close of attention to how much time you have left and what questoin number you are on; it stresses you out. Best of luck to you. You can do it!



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just relax...easier said than done, i know.

i was in your same boat, about 3 weeks ago.

what i did was look at a few questions 2 days before..and the night before the exam..i just relaxed. i did my pilates tape. i cleaned my house (any time i am stressed,i clean) so whatever makes you relax.... cooked a nice dinner for me and my hubby.... prayed...prayed...and prayed...

for some reason i had a mean episode of diarrhea a few days before the exam..i guess it was anxiety.

do not eat anything that will cause your stomach to ache!!!

the next morning i did some yoga.. ate a good breakfast.. and went in for the test...

and i dont know if you read my other post...but i found the test to be easy (i know many say it was hard) but mine was easy..Thank God!

the hard part was waiting for the results! you will do fine.. you studied... you went to school.. and know that you did the best to prepare your test..

take a deep breathe... and say you can do it!

good luck to you!


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I feel your pain, Angel... I'm scheduled to take mine next Wed. I've been studying everysince I graduated (July 22) but this week has been CRAZY - my daddy had a MI the other night and has been in the hospital all week, had a cath today, CAT tomorrow on an aneurysm and getting a stint put in on Fri - PLUS I have a friend I haven't seen in 7yrs coming in tonight - I don't think I was this stressed in school!! I just wanna hide :chair:


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GPNANGEL I know exactly how you feel. I'm taking the LPN exam in about another week and a half. I'm in a RN program and am taking the exam to gain more experience as well as make more money while I finish school. Some days when I'm doing practice questions I feel really confident and others, well, I'm just like "I don't know this stuff!"

I find that I can be my worst enemy. I've decided to take others advice about relaxing the day before, going to bed early, and eating a light breakfast. Most importantly, I plan to walk in there being confident and secure in my abilities. If during the exam I feel the anxiety rising up in my chest I'm just going to close my eyes and take a nice cleansing breath and then move on to the next question. All we can do is to do the best we can. I wish you and everyone else preparing to sit for the NCLEX the best of luck. Please keep us informed. :)

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