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Hello is anyone here applying for the Trinity Valley Community College nursing program, if so with how many points are you guys applying?

Hi.. How are you?

I am going to turn in my application for 2019 fall in November after i take my Hesi test. Did you already turn in yours? Did you take the Hesi with TVCC or with other school? If you already took your Hesi, What was your score if you do not mind me asking? I currently have 38 points..

Hi Florahhen,

No I have not turn in mine yet, I am planning to do it by either October or November, I am actually taking my Hesi test this coming Thursday the 20th and I am so nervous, I am actually taking it at Brookhaven College. Where are you taking yours? I currently have 37 points.. so I am hoping for a good grade in the Hesi to get as many points as possible.

I will turn mine in after i take the Hesi Test in November. I am planning to take my Hesi over there at Trinity Valley community college. Good luck on your Hesi. Please after your Hesi update me so i can know what to expect.

Thanks... Ok i will keep you update it, I really hope everything goes well. wow thats good... it gives you enough time to study... Hey do you happen to know anything about the shots that we need? I was just wondering because I heard something about the Hepatitis B shot.

I heard about that too, but i do not know much about it. I think we need to speak to them about that.

Hey sorry for the late reply, so I finally to the Hesi and I wasn't very happy with my scores and debating if I should retake it.. This were my scores

Reading 86


Grammar 80

I dont know what I should do because based in my scores, I only received 8 points =(

I am applying for Fall 2019 with 55 points.


Math: 94

Reading: 92

Grammar: 88

Good luck to everyone! Does anyone know how long it may take to know decisions?

Hi everyone!

I will be applying to TVCC for fall 2019. I am applying with 40 points. Does anyone know where I can find the list of required immunizations?

I'm applying to the Spring Transition program as 1st choice Fall ADN program as Second Choice. I'm applying with 54 points. Good Luck to everyone!! I'm going to be a nervous wreck until March!!

When you go to the school website go to Programs/Degrees click on Nursing and the Immunization requirements are under the Misc. and forms link to the right of the page.

Hi. Got an email saying to do fingerprints. Did anyone else receive this?

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