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I never watch medical shows if I can help it. The last thing I want to do is be reminded of work when I'm at home. However, ER etc fascinates the family, and rather than me shouting at IT I find myself answering a barrage of questions from the family who don't understand the jargon. I don't know which is worse.

Lastly, I only hope that if ever I have an MI (God forbid!) I am never defibrillated as per the TV versions with their multiple errors. Watching the TV rescusses always raise my blood pressure.

ER also seems to grab my husbands attention. Although he usually does not ask questions. In an interview with some of the shows writers a while back they said that they consulted with a physician who helped them with all the medical lingo. I have noticed some of the drugs that they call out are in dosages that would be enough to kill anyone. It's kind of orificeing to see all the mistakes, knowing that in the real world youu would only make those mistakes once and then you probably would be up for review by your board of nursing.

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