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Turning Down Internship after Accepting

by soul_rebl soul_rebl (New) New

Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could get some advice on turning down an internship I have already accepted. I was happy with this internship and was ready to start last month, but the hospital had to push back the start date a month. They called me the day before the orientation date. I found this very unprofessional and it made me nervous...what if they did that again. It was very disappointing. I hesitantly agreed to start then, but I submitted an application to a different hospital. I now have an interview lined up and after reading reviews from other nurses and information on this other hospital's benefits, I am convinced it would be a better choice. Unfortunately, I don't have that job yet, just an interview. I'm not even sure how long it would take to received an offer, if I did get the job. Even, if I do get the job, would I be burning a bridge by turning the original offer down?


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Do not turn down the internship for a job you do not have!!

Internships are hard to come by, so if I were you I would keep that internship lined up- but still interview for the other job and see what kind of vibe you get, or if you even get an offer. Then decide which job to choose.

Imagine if if you turn down the internship and don't get the other job...then what? Your back in the pool of competing with others for a job. :nailbiting:

Thanks for input, I definitely will not turn down my current offer. You're absolutely right, getting an internship is very competitive.