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Hi everyone! I didn't see a post for people applying to Tulsa's CRNA program for 2024 start, so I figured I would start one. I figured whoever wanted to could share their experience, stats, interview dates, etc.

As for me, I have a little over 3 years experience, 1 year and 8 months in Med/Surg ICU, after that I transitioned to CTICU and have been here for 1 year and 7 months. I have my CCRN and CSC, science GPA is around 3.5, cumulative GPA is around 3.8. I also have been a preceptor and charge nurse in my unit. 

Good luck to everyone!! I look forward to chatting with you all! 

Specializes in MSICU/STNICU, House Supervisor.

I applied as well! 5 years experience, 3.5 in MSICU, 1.5 Interventional Radiology, the past year I have also been working PT as House Supervisor, and in current role of STNICU (2 months). I have my CCRN, TNCC, science GPA and cumulative GPA are both 3.5. 


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Specializes in ICU.

I applied here as well! 2 years MICU experience. CCRN, PALS/ACLS, cumulative GPA 3.84, science GPA 3.5. 


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I applied here as well:) 

Specializes in NICU/Paramedic.

Applied as well 🫡

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