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I have just started checking into reimbursment for nursing school through different area hospitals and found some interesting ideas.

In most cases, they all offer paying for school no matter what field on a reimbursemnt on grades. Some waive length of service to qualify if you go into nursing. Some offer scholarships if you give them a certain length of time after completing program.

Do any of you have any other tips/suggestions for getting money for school. Like many of you, I don't have the extra money and I usally made too much to get a grant...all while trying to support a family, etc.

Any thoughts would be appreciated....


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I graduated two years ago. I also made too much to get a grant (and this was as a single mom, 2 kids, working full time). To get through school, I worked an extra job getting a paraplegic lawyer ready to start his day (got him up, cleaned, dressed, etc from 6-7 on weekend mornings), and also was a "normal control" for two gastroenterology studies (this involved very large nasogastric tubes and was unpleasant...but a hour paid for almost a semester's tuition). My second semester I was able to get a tuition scholarship. Birthday and Christmas presents from friends and family were all from the school bookstore. I also sold stuff on Ebay (which I still do). Be creative, do some brainstorming and you will find a way. :)

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