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Tuition Reimbursement prgms-paying for nursing school

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Hello everyone. I am applying for the accelerated (non-nursing degree) BSN/MSN programs in NY and I have several concerns. One, funding my education. Should I look into giving service to local hospitals in return for tuition reimbursment? Does the NY Board of Nurses offer anything? Second concern, schooling...I am looking at the program at Pace University. Anyone know about the caliber of this program??? Just to give some background, I hold a MSPH therefore, I think nursing would be a great field.

You could take deferred student loans & after graduation, apply to the govt for loan forgiveness or repayment under the condition that you work in a facility that has a shortage of bedside nurses.

see: Nurse Reinvestment Act 2002


The Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program (NELRP), Federal program helps nurses repay student loans.


http://bphc.hrsa. gov/programs/ NELRProgram Info.htm

Most of NYC hospitals' nurses are unionized. They have tutition reimbursement in their union contracts. Usually there is a requirement that the newly hired RN must wait until after probation period (6 months or a year) before being able to go into the tuition reimbursement program. Lots of nurses get an associates RN degree, get an RN job & let the employer pay to send them back for the BSN education thru their tuition reimbursement program. Some hospitals are offering nursing school tuition reimbursement to their other workers - ie: LPNs and nurses aides - to become nurses - with a requirement that they work for that facility as an RN after graduation.

You might be able to get a job in a hospital doing something in your field now & negotiate with them about your nursing education & agree to work for them as an RN after graduation. You never know until you ask.

good luck.


What a coincidence!!! My girlfriend and I have been looking at Pace's program also and we too have been figuring out how to get our tuition paid for. We've thought about trying to contact area hospitals in NY to see if they will trade tuirtion for service, or just taking out the dreaded Federal loan. But it sounds like some of the info JT provided could help. Let us know what you find out and we'll do the same:roll

Feel free to email us at browniejo3@yahoo.com

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This is years later, but I too am looking for an accelerated nursing program, but trying to figure out how to do it! Did you have any luck, are you done with school now? If anyone else reads this, any info on paying for nursing schools, I'm totally broke and don't want to spend my whole life paying back loans! THANKS!

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