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Hi. I'm a 2nd Degree Nursing Student hoping that if everything goes well, I'll graduate in July 2008. I'm located here in the Hampton roads, Va area and unfortunately I missed the deadline to apply for Spring 2008 scholarships for Sentara thinking that I wouldn't pass..luckily I did! Not feeling so bad, I was actually considering working for Chesapeake General after I graduate. I was hoping still though that there still might be some money available for new graduates? I do remember the Sentara hospitals having some kind of tuition reimbursement for new graduates available when I googled tuition reimbursement and Sentara hospitals, but from what I understand I would have to relocate 75 miles within the hospital? I live in Virginia Beach, and I was hoping that some hospitals here locally like Chesapeake or Sentara hospitals would help re imburse my recent nursing school education.

Does anyone know of this? Thanks for any information.



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i was wondering the same thing. i sent and email to Sentara and also called their nurse recruiting line, but i haven't heard back from anyone yet. I'm guessing it's because people are on vacation. I will be calling again this week...


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Chesapeake General does offer RN grads education reimbursement. Call their HR office at 757-312-6162.



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I think they all do, in some way or another. I guess I'm going to go the student loan route. I've already got this semester taken care of. I've seen some hospitals that have $8000 or so sign-on bonuses, and hey- if I get that much, I can almost wipe out my student loan debt.

I was going to apply for the Sentara scholarship as well. Then I read that you HAVE to work for their hospital for 2 years (or is it 3), and I just didn't want to have to commit to them for that long. There really isn't a Sentara that's near me, if I have to work in a hospital, Chesapeake General is much closer.

And considering I have to haul to TCC in Portsmouth for the next 2 years- I'd rather have a close job ;)


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Thanks to all of you for your responses. I'll definitely call that number!


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