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tuition/fees question in las vegas


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Hi all

my daughter is starting her prereq's at the community college in LV. She has been there since April 2008. I understand she still has to pay out of state tuition has she has not been a NV resident for a year yet. BUT evidently there is also a $2000 EXTRA fee just because she is still an out of state resident. She asked if she could only pay 1/2 as her year is up the first of April and the answer was no.

Is this correct? It just sounds like an extra "bounty" so to speak.



I just had my residency status accepted because I've been here a year. The $2000 extra out of state fee you only have to pay if you take more than one class. If you take just one class a semester like I did until my year was up then you don't have to pay the $2000 extra.


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It is like that in every state. Nevada's tuition is lower than average so with the extra $2,000 it evens out. If she doesn't want to pay out of state tuition she should wait another semester to start school.

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