Tufts chief takes on nurses


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vows to tap replacements during possible strike

zane told the herald she's contacted out-of-state nurses and is prepared to spend up to $4 million hiring at least 200 to keep tufts open during what she's classifying as a "very, very likely" work stoppage over a dispute about how many patients each nurse serves. the union wants a limit of four per shift-a demand zane said could cost another $33 million a year ...

... "i will never, ever agree to a nurse-staffing ratio," said zane, who has run the once-nearly bankrupt chinatown medical center for seven years and will retire sept. 30. "and i won't put this hospital in a position of financial harm, so some union can get more members."

zane's saber-rattling comes after months of negotiation between tufts administrators and nurses' representatives, who said changes in the way the hospital provides care has led to overburdened nurses and lower-quality care.

"administrators are turning hospitals into factories, and making nurses work like lucille ball on the factory line," schildmeier said. "instead of chocolates going by, these are human beings."...


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Seriously? A 4:1 ratio? Med-Surg?

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that is the maximum number to prevent 'failure-to-rescue' in post op patients.

you can read the attached original research and a more recent study.

the maximum number of patients that may be assigned to a med-surg nurses in my state is five.

regulations effective january 1, 2004

from this page - http://www.cdph.ca.gov/services/dpopp/regs/pages/n2pregulations.aspx