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Hoping to get some assistance from anyone who would be so kind. My facility has never written a policy regarding LVN scope of practice in our hospital. I have a copy of the LVN scope of practice in CA, but would love to see some examples from different facilities if any one would be willing to share.

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The Scope of LVN and RN practice is in the law. I think your hospital needs a job description for LVNs. These links will help assure the policies and procedures of your hospital comply with the laws and regulations of California.

Your hospital may choose to restrict the scope of practice, but may not expand. Where I work IV certified LVNs may not hang blood or blood products although by law they may. They do start IVs and locks, and they hand maintenance IVs.

Sorry the direct link didn't work.

Go to the California Code of Regulations site.

Near the lower right click "Go to a specific section"

Type "title 22" in the first box

Type "70215" in the next box down

Click "search"

You can then view or print the important section of title 22, the law that licenses hospitals and other health facilities.

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