Trying to start a nursing career


Hi there,

I need some help and was wondering if anyone had been in this situation and what they did to overcome or have any suggestions that might help me.

I am a 40 yr old male thinking about a career change. I had been thinking about nursing for over a year now. After working for a few years in a nursing home in the maintenance dept., Talking to nurses and working with people in general. I decided that it would be a career that would fit me: however, here is my problem. I have to continue working full time 9-6pm because of bills, rent, car insurance ect. I looked into going through the coummunity college course and I really don't want to spend years or have the time to spend years working towards the degree. Taking all the pre reqs, getting on a waiting list ect. I was hoping to find a course that I could get in learn what I need to and get out and working in a sensible ammount of time. I am not looking for a short cut because I do want a quality education I just don't want to make a career out of going to school. I looked into places like B&S and other for profit schools and with the cost of those programs and some of the stories I have heard I am a little leary of those programs. I also looked into the Practical School of Nursing here in Cleveland which I would have glady enrolled but it all goes back to my original issue I can't afford not to work. Finding a job is hard enough nowadays. So I am kinda stuck and was wondering how other people in my situation did it or have any ideas or options. Thanks in advance


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I know of at least 2 night and/or weekend accelerated BSN programs (not for profit, but private schools) in the NY metro area and there are probably more schools that offer you such a schedule. I would recommend doing some serious research of nursing schools in your area. Community college may be a great option. Sure, it is slow. But you won't be scraping the bottom of the piggy bank every month either.

You should look into getting all your pre reqs out the way through an accredited online school so that you can be able to still work. Most nursing programs have evening classes as well, maybe you can work something out with your employer where you get off an hour or so early to do evening classes and perhaps make that time up over the weekend. You need to find out if you want to go the LPN route or the RN route and go from there. Anything is possible, it's just that you need to sit down and write it all out and speak to some admissions counselor to plan it all out and work around your schedule. I took all my pre reqs online and now I'm applying to an LPN program w/ no pre requirements and no waiting list!


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Maybe you can find a technical college that offers an evening weekend track for LPN. Once you become an LPN you can then begin working as a nurse, and if you choose you can bridge your LPN to an RN degree when your schedule would be more flexible.

In my area I have seen full time LPN programs that can be completed in 11 months and about 20 months on a part time basis. Good Luck!